Private charter Vs. Commercial flights

Frequently asked questions

Here are things you should know before planning your vacation travel, and a Quick Guide to help you understand how Air America's charter flights enhance your vacation.

What is air charter?

When you charter an aircraft, you are booking the whole plane (all seats except the pilots.) Instead of buying a ticket with a scheduled airline, Air Charter gives you the option of setting your own schedule and choosing your own destination.

Why private air charter?

The advantage of a private charter is the personalized service, convenience, and of course the advantage of selecting your departure date and time. It saves you 2 days of waiting in airport lines or delays. It's like a taxi (but with a better view!)

What are the savings in air charter?

By booking the whole plane you and party (remember you chartered all the seats) will notice that the price per seat is not that much higher than in a regular airline. More over, you have the convenience of flying comfortably at your time schedule.

Are prices on the rates page per person or for the airplane?

For the entire airplane.

Are prices on the rates page one way or round trip?

Prices are listed one way and prices are for flights during normal operating hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Overtime charges will apply for flights before or after these hours.

Do rates include taxes and fees?

Rates include all taxes and fees except a small passenger departure tax that some island airports require.

Do you have any scheduled flights, sell seats or tickets?

No. Strictly private charters where you will be able to select your times of departure.

Does Air America put together groups?

No, we do not.

How do we make a reservation?

Reservations are only accepted here on our web page. After receiving your reservation we will e-mail you a flight confirmation which holds your reservation for 1 business day. In order to book your trip with us you should revise, fill out and return via fax or e-mail after scanning the flight confirmation sent to you. We would then confirm booking and request passenger info among other things.

Can I check my luggage to my final destination?

Unfortunately, you can not! Any checked luggage must be retrieved by yourself in San Juan or by one of our staff. We provide the VIP Services. With this service, ($125.00) we wil meet you at your arriving gate, escort you to a waiting area while we retrieve your luggage and then escort you to our departing gate.

How can I check whether an air charter company is trustworthy?

Our best spokespersons are the passengers. Just call us and we will give you some recommendations from our participating clients. You may also contact The Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Office for the region where you are departing. For example the Caribbean is served by the San Juan FSDO which can be reached by phone at               (787) 764 2583        or on the web (​.)

How much luggage can we bring?

Since the entire airplane will be used for you and your party, luggage will depend on the amount of passengers onboard and/or their total weights. Usually 35 lbs. per person can be carried aboard each flight.

How do we pay for an Air America charter flight?

We accept Visa and Master Cards only and wire transfers.

Are there cancellation penalties?

Yes. Air America, Inc's cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 24 hours before your flight- 100% penalty
  • 1 - 6 days before your flight - 75% penalty
  • 7 - 30 days before your flight - 50% penalty
  • 31 and more days before your flight - 25% penalty