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Santiago de los Caballeros or simply Santiago is a city in the Dominican Republic. The buildings are old and classic Caribbean Spanish style. It is the second biggest city in the country. It covers 2,836.51 km² and a population of 908,250 people. It is an inland part of the country with no beaches surrounding the area.

Dining in Santiago de los Caballeros tends to be a bit more formal many of the surrounding areas.  Although you won't necessarily have to dress up in your Sunday best for each restaurant, the town favors elegantly decorated Spanish bistro style eateries. Visitors will encounter several chances to enjoy trying local dishes throughout their stay in Santiago De Los Caballeros. Creole and Latin American dishes are a couple of the popular selections found in the area.

Located at the heart of the El Cibao Valley, Santiago de los Caballeros serves as a gateway to all that the region has to offer.  Eco-tourism is seeing a lot of growth, and many people will book small but comfortable hotels in Santiago a their home base as they explore the natural side of things.  These properties tend to be located in the busiest parts of town, while outside of the center of the city is where it is easier to encounter villa and other private rental properties.

Second in size only to Santo Domingo, Santiago de Caballeros is as busy a city as they come, and a great destination for those who want a tropical atmosphere without giving up action and excitement.  Top attractions here are greatly varied, ranging from golf and spa days at the resorts to shopping downtown on Calle el Sol and sightseeing in the Cibao Valley.  Whether or not you visit during Carnival season, you'll also find the nightlife here to be outstanding.


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